I will design you a website. On completion I will send you all of sites assets as well as the full design exported in any file format you wish.

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Web-design + Development

I will design you a website and develop it using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I will send you everything included in the previous package plus all the required code files.

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Web-design + development + hosting

I will do everything stated in the other packages as well as hosting the website for a minimum of a year.

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My aim

Through my websites I aim to help your business reach a wider audience and help small business' grow and online presence and customers.

I aim to provide websites at low prices and to complete them to a high standard in order to allow you to reach a large audience.

I aim to grow my own company through hard work and dedication as well as aiming to improve my skills to ensure you have the highest quality experience throughout your time using my services.

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